The “True” New Beginning in EDM – as Created by Avicii


Mark my words, this will be copycatted & overdone to death. The young Swede has created a masterpiece of sonic communication that speaks to the soul. Usually, EDM is portrayed through catchy, screaming synths and hard bass drops over beats that allow you to lose yourself in a trance. Take that, put in a shaker with gorgeous melodies, choreographed song structures, great collaborations, and a divine thought process and a dash of style – serve over ice and enter euphoria. 

“True” is Avicii’s first debut LP that’s catching a lot of attention outside of the club rats and ravers. EDM is crossing into pop, folk, country, and jazzy soul through this Swedish mastermind. What stands out so vibrantly about this record is that you actually feel lost in it from start to finish, but you know exactly where you are all at the same time. The song structures and time changes bring a new breath of life into a genre that’s been beaten to death by the same old song and dance (pun intended). Not that Avicii is the best or most gifted DJ out there – but he’s done something totally different. He’s revolutionizing the sound of a genre, something that every now and then, in every scene, must happen whether we like it or not. It’s happened in the world metal, hip hop, pop, country and punk, so it’s only right that the new wave of digitally inspired dance music takes it’s turn with history. It’s time for change, and Avicii is doing just that. With collaborations from Mike Eizinger, Dan Tyminski, Aloe Blacc, Audra Mae & Nile Rodgers. Listen. Enjoy. Repeat. Go loud.


Key tracks: Wake Me Up, Lay Me Down, Shame On Me





Paula Patton – Our Favorite Woman In the Limelight Right Now


Beautiful, talented & classy. 




Newport – A Shockingly Loud Affair


The smallest state in the union doesn’t bring much to mind except for its beaches, and the capital city of Providence, which is an experience all in itself. Tucked away in a small corner bay, an hour or so outside of I95, you’ll find a cove of a hidden gem: Newport. It’s greatly overlooked by vacationers unless you’re generally from New England or the tri-state area, due to it’s lack of huge commercial overhaul as a vacation spot. But that’s the point. You find it, you keep it. 


A small community of high fashion, boating and fantastic dining and nightlife – but to the naked eye, it’s very deceiving. During the daytime, Thames Street swells with weekend vacationers and newly/nearly retired folks alike, boaters, yuppies and old school yankees in their striped shirts & Sperry shoes. When the sun goes down, however, you’re staring into the eyes of a totally different town. Order a beer at the Brick Alley Pub and stay for an early dinner, preferably the Fillet Tips or the Lobster, and take in the noise and calamity of vacationers in all their drunken glory. Some of the most interesting people in the Northeast manage to find their way to this very bar – and for no particular reason but the environment. The decor is juxtaposed to the walls, old school movie posters, jazz pieces, trivia and oddities. The lighting and wooden finish across almost every surface in the place makes for a very comfortable, yet loud beginning to your evening. Next, hit the streets. Thames Street, the main artery of Newport, will be filled by a sea of night lifers. You can see awesome Jazz bands and DJ’s at almost any bar on the strip – there are plenty, and they almost all have live music every weekend. There’s plenty of high fashion stores to throw your money away in, and plenty of bay front patios full of music and dancing.


The real gem I found last time I visited was a local spot off Broadway Street, called the Fifth Element. The entire front of the restaurant and bar/lounge (and I say lounge because it’s literally a lounge) is entirely open to the street, as well as a small patio for outside seating. The draft beer selection is top notch, and constantly changing seasonally just like the menu. The staff and convenience factor is excellent and the crowd is just as much so. Having trouble getting your bearings right? Ask one of the locals there – they’re happy to point you in the right direction.


There are so many packed little nooks and crannies to be explored in such a small place, and nearly all of them entirely worth venturing to. The beaches are beautiful, clean, and well kept. Along the righthand side of the beach, you can trek along the famous Cliff Walk that’s carved out high above the oceanfront, and even venture right out onto the enormous rocks, right next to the boats. It’s truly a sight to see.


It’s the ideal place for a weekend getaway – but don’t rush. The time to go is mid summer to late fall, when the old retirees have all but fled or gone back into hibernation – leaving the locals to scamper free again, the college kids to unleash their habitual party lifestyle, and you to enjoy yourself in a truly loud fashion. Cheers!



You Know What Today Is, Don’t You??




(original photo shot by: Joey Newcombe / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND)

Ms. September … THE Olivia Wilde


She’s come along way in her career, from a role on a lesser known TV series “The Black Donnelley’s” to appearing on “House” and starring in movies like “Tron: Legacy”, “In Time”, and “The Change-Up”. Miss September is non other than the beautiful Olivia Wilde.

You want to talk about a celebrity crush, well this is mine. Olivia Wilde has had my eye since I first saw her on the short lived NBC series “The Black Donnelly’s” in 2007.  She’s not just easy on the eyes either, this actress has real talent and is only getting better with each role that she takes.

More recently she has starred in movies like “The Incredible Burt Wonderstone”(soon to DVD), “Drinking Buddies”(out now), “Rush”(in theaters September 27) and “Her”(in theaters November 20).

Check out the beautiful and talented Olivia Wilde, where an whenever you can, you’ll be glad you did. Look out for her future projects as well.




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The NFL, the MLB, & What to Look Forward to This Fall


The bikinis are gone, the beaches are cold and desolate, and your morning commute is once again plagued with teachers causing daily near death ten car pile ups on the highway. So what do we look forward to the most in the autumn months? The simple American three letter answer: NFL. This is truly the best month for sports fans of literally all kinds.


Sundays are once again the sabbath, watching the modern day gladiators collide every week while we root them along in brew inspired fits of joy and rage, depending on who your team is, of course! New York fans of every kind are freaking out across the country today after a pitiful display from the Big Blue Giants, but don’t worry too much – you may have lost to Tony Romo and the Cowboys, but you can be sure come the end of the season, even if the Giants don’t turn around, Tony Romo will remember how to choke with an artful display of combustion and disappointment. Yankees fans however, have much more to worry about. Their displays, as of late, have been nothing short of dismal. Not that Boston is a slouch team by any means, you just expect the all time leading World Series holders to perform at all times. But whether we believe it or not, there’s always next season, and who are you kidding – you’ll be watching again, win or lose – so support your boys! 


And lest we forget the world’s beautiful game – this is an equally exciting time for soccer fans around the globe. With the World Cup a little over 200 days away, every major player is already beginning to showcase what they can do to make the cut for their national side next summer in Brasil. The ever controversial UEFA Champions League Draw revealed some mouth watering fixtures in the group stages alone, with every top team and player just waiting to stake their claim. Soccer fans unite – even the US Men’s National Team is on the up and up! And the US Women, whom have always been fantastic (and some incredibly sexy) have been staking their claim across the continent as well.


It’s fair to say that the fall is by far the sports fans’ euphoric season, whether it’s football, baseball, soccer, or all three – you’re sure to be entertained right into the New Year. Make the occasion for it on Sundays – invite your friends & family over for the games, put down the damn technology once a week and do something to celebrate! Get involved int he fantasy leagues, place some bets amongst yourselves, have some drinks and good food and enjoy the last few warm days before the chill of winter brings the peril of hibernation – well, at least on the East Coast that is! And be sure to keep in mind – the louder your Sunday rituals become, the quieter your work week will feel…. that’s if you make it in on Monday morning.




(original photo: San Diego Shooter / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND)

Who Doesn’t Love A Good Hump?


Happy Hump Day! Isn’t the week always a little better after? Hump happy Loud Lifers.

Have A Sexy Saturday


Remember, enjoy some of your naughty ideas this weekend. It’s labor day – we’ve all been working so hard for this, right?




(original photo by NeoGaboX)

TomorrowWorld 2013


Its back! That’s right, it’s a spinoff article on a spinoff festival. This September the biggest, craziest, and most colorful festival in the world, Tomorrowland, is coming to the U.S., but this time it’ll be called TomorrowWorld. TomorrowWorld is the US’s answer to the juggernaut known as Tomorrowland.

It’s all coming together

in the Chattahoochee Hills in Palmetto, Georgia, the last weekend of September, 27-29. All the biggest names in EDM, will be there again, showing off their skills one last time before the DJMag’s Top 100 DJs of 2013 vote is completed. 
The lineups have been set for all the stages, including the main stage, which will be showcasing the biggest names everyday that weekend. The sets at Tomorrowland 2013 in Belgium were just a warm up to what will be witnessed at TomorrowWorld. 
EDM isn’t as mainstream in America as it is in Europe, but it’s fans know how to live it up and enjoy every moment. 
Personally, I can’t wait for this festival, not that I’m going, just to watch all the live performances and all my favorite artists perform their sets. Being new to this genre of music, I’ve only been exposed to the weekly radio shows, on YouTube or Soundcloud, of my all my favorite DJs, but after watching all the live exploits from the European version, excitement is an under exaggeration of what I’m anticipating for this festival. 

Pack your bags and get on the nonstop flight of house music that takes off in the backwoods of Georgia. If it’s half as galvanic as what went down in Belgium, the attendants will get their money’s worth, no doubt. 





NFL Preview & Predictions (1)


With the preseason already under way, it’s time to take a look at the 2013 NFL schedule with some previews and predictions for the upcoming year.
Unlike last season, this year will not be jam packed with memorable moments created by the incoming rookie class. There are some very talented rookies this year but none the likes of RGIII, Luck, and Wilson. Speaking of those three lets see if the sophomore slump effects any of the young prodigies this season. Of the three, if any are to feel the effects of a drought it’s RGIII, only because of his knee injury suffered toward the end of last season.
Another big story going into the season is all the new faces at head coaching positions. Seven positions needed to be filled at the conclusion of last year, and also around five general manager slots al well. Biggest one being Andy Reid, fired by Philadelphia Eagles but them immediately hired by Kansas City Chiefs, who fired their coach the same day.
It’s always difficult to try an predict what will happen in the NFL each season. Subpar teams from the year before have the potential to win their divisions. That’s what makes the sport so intriguing to watch, anything really is possible. Take into account all you know of players and teams then adjust for pure chaos. Good luck to those who live for gambling each Sunday on games, you’re going to need it, but here are my picks and predictions for the year, maybe you might agree maybe not but watching and seeing will be fun.


MVP: Peyton Manning (this would be number 5, which breaks his own record of 4 MVP awards, 3 solo and 1 shared with the late Steve McNair)

NFC East: New York Giants
NFC North: Green Bay Packers
NFC South: Atlanta Falcons
NFC West: San Francisco 49ers
NFC Wildcards: Washington Redskins, Chicago Bears

NFC Teams to watch: Seattle Seahawks, Detroit Lions

AFC East: New England Patriots
AFC North: Pittsburgh Steelers
AFC South: Houston Texans
AFC West: Denver Broncos
AFC Wildcards: Cincinnati Bengals, Indianapolis Colts

AFC Teams to watch: Kansas City Chiefs, Miami Dolphins

In the Conference championships, I have Denver slightly coming out in front of New England in the AFC, because with Tom Brady sitting in the captain’s chair they always have a shot. Plus, when Brady and Manning square off there is always a chance for history to be made. In the NFC, I have the 49ers’ offense outlasting the defense of the Giants. Admittedly, I have New York this far in the playoffs because of slight favoritism I have being a life long fan, but if healthy that defensive line can get in I anybody.

SUPER BOWL: Denver Broncos vs San Francisco 49ers

WINNER: Denver Broncos

SUPER BOWL MVP: Peyton Manning/ Wes Welker (either shared or one individual) whoever gets it between the two, it’ll be because of the other.


(Helmets & team brands belong to their respective teams, all logos and other imagery included.)


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